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Sunday, May 23, 2010

Electing a new Bishop-Update to previous post

Well the Episcopal Diocese of Utah has a newly elected bishop; Rev. Cannon Scott Hayashi and as I mentioned earlier, I had a hand in the election process. I must say that it was a truly enriching and fascinating, unique experience and I feel very privileged to have participated in the event. I still feel pretty unqualified but I enjoyed this unique opportunity.

I've actually met the new bishop when he was the Rector at Church of the Good Sheperd in Ogden because he was there when we first returned to Utah and were seeking a church home so I'm glad to see him coming back to Utah. I'm betting he is happy to be leaving Chicago and coming back to Utah as well!

Another really interesting thing happened during yesterday's convention. I was stopped by one of the women working as a ballot counter as I returned from a break. She took a long look at me and then reached out and examined my ID badge. Then this woman says, "You're just as he described." Who described? She introduced herself, it was my buddy Bob's spousal unit! Bob had apparently read my previous post and told his bride to be looking out for me. She did and she found me and it was a treat to make a new friend. Bob- if this weather ever clears, we need to get together and go out and burn some gunpowder!

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